HAQ Qarz e Hasana Scheme (HQS)

HAQ has set a target to disburse small amounts of Qarz e Hasana (micro financing) in kind to at least 15 poor families by June end 2015. The loan amounts will vary from 15 to 30 thousand rupees, according to the nature of the capital and the intended business.

By August, 2015 -

One deserving family in the suburbs of Islamabad got the faclity of Qarz e Hasan.

Two professional students from University of Gujjrat and Ripah Medical College Lahore, are studying with the facility of Qarz e Hasan from HAQ.

HAQ Education Assistance Program (HEAP)

HAQ will provide Qarz e Hasana to university students who could not make it to the higher education institutions or are pondering a drop out due to financial constraints. While free education assistance will be provided to the school children and the college boys and girls. Such assistacne will be provided in form of tution fees, books, bags, copies, stationary, etc.

Girls’ Right to Education Project (GREP)

The 2015 Oslo Summit on Education and Development declared Pakistan among the worst-performing countries in education globally. Unfortunately as of 2016, the situation is even worse when it comes to girls’ education in rural areas of Pakistan, where 32% of primary age girls are not attending any school while only 13% of girls can make it to high school. GREP sees girls’ limited access to education as part of the broader landscape of gender inequality in Pakistan and it desires to unveil the role of cultural standards and ethnicity that have outlawed girls’ education. GREP aims to raise awareness about the importance of girl’s education by highlighting the consequences of low female literacy.
Anthropological research is conducted using ethnographic research techniques to draw attention to the cultural barriers hindering girls’ education in suburban rural areas of Islamabad, Pakistan.
The project aims to improve female literacy in rural areas around Islamabad, Pakistan. Objectives of GREP are;

  • Elimination of gender gaps in primary and secondary education with a focus on girls’ equal access to quality education.
  • Raising awareness through advocacy campaigns for girls' education and working closely with women’s rights activists.
  • Addressing concerns of different faiths of communities and engaging their role by convincing them that girls’ education does not hamper religious or familial attachments.
  • Providing financial assistance to the girls of needy families through HAQ Education Assistance Program (HEAP).

By August, 2015 - Eighty Nine school students and four college students got the education assistance under this Program. The school students are being supported with the idea of "adopt a student".


HAQ Marriage Assistance Program (H-MAP)

Our sisters and daughters are the architects of the next generation. HAQ, by the end of June 2015, will provide assistance to about 15 poor families; 20,000 each, who could not marry off their daughters only being short of money. The assistance will be most probably in the form of cash, but may be provided in kind as well.

Awareness Against Riba