To increase the trust of the people in interest free trade and economy, to decrease human sufferings, hunger and poverty in the society by giving riba-free loans and to balance the approach of the people towards their rights and obligations


A riba-free economy, a usury free society and interest free monetary system.


  1. HAQ shall be a non-political, non-government, non-profitable, non-sectarian and a welfare organization. A social welfare organization that aims to help the less privileged and under-provided to become independent in every walk of life.
  2. HAQ shall carry on any and/ or all of the following objectives:
    1. To endeavour to promote, encourage and support towards the betterment of the social well being of the individuals and community, despite their financial and social status, through true Islamic  mode of financing;
    2. To provide financial support/ means to the deprived and under-provided classes of the society through Qarz e Hasana, and  to finance other welfare oriented projects using the mode of Musharkah and Modarbah (Partnerships), Morabaha (deferred payments), and other Sharia compliance products for the economic betterment of the individual, group or community; and for the appropriation of their due economic share by way of manufacturing, trade, production or similar other manners;
    3. To generate a culture of financing through Islamic modes by providing financial support to maximum possible members that may also be object-oriented at the same time, further bolstered by worthwhile information and guidance in the respective domain;
    4. To collaborate and/ or interact with other NGOs, INGOs, donor organizations and other support organizations for financial support and information sharing (technical and non-technical) for the betterment of the targeted client;
    5. To develop, conduct or provide training opportunities regarding financing through Islamic modes, tools and methodologies, on need assessment basis to different sectors of the society;
    6. To institute and award fellowships, scholarships and other support in education sector to students engaged in formal, non-formal or technical studies;
    7. To support and assist the establishment of mobile clinics/ health camps to provide quick-response medical facility to people of far flung areas of the country throughout the year, which lack basic health facilities;
    8. To support and assist the establishment of intellectual groups, and opinion forums in order to direct the individual and the society towards the development of a national approach;
    9. To create, establish and maintain high profile documentation and information regarding true Islamic mode of financing for the guidance and a way forward of the society as whole and furthering the objectives of HAQ;
    10. To maintain a comprehensive database containing the contact details and/ or other information of doctors/ dentists, engineers, industrialist/ businessmen, social workers, chartered accountants, lawyers, economists, bankers/ financial analysts, government officers, professors/ teachers, sportsmen, religious clerics, academicians, scholars, journalists, etc. to get utmost help, advice or support regarding our projects relateds to thier expertise and professions;
    11. To acquire any property or asset through leasing (interest-free), hiring, purchasing or otherwise from any person or institution for the advancement of the objectives; and
    12. To get utmost benefit by adopting all such other lawful and Islamic charitable modes as to the attainment of all above mentioned objectives.