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HAQ Membership Fees per Anum

In the following, the Membership Fee rates are given for different countries. We shall encourage and request to our friends, relatives, well-wishers and general public of these countries to please come forward and support HAQ for eradication of poverty through interest free micro loans and free education to poor children in Pakistan. Your membership would be a great help in this regard.

Country Permanent Members Temporary Members
Pakistan 1000 Pak Rupees 500 Pak Rupees
Australia 30 Australian Dollar 20 Australian Dollar
Bahrain 20 Bahraini Dinar 10 Bahraini Dinar
Bangladesh 1600 Taka 800 Taka
Denmark 140 Danish Krone 70 Danish Krone
India 1200 Indian Rupee 600 Indian Rupee
Kuwait 20 Kuwaiti Dinar 10 Kuwaiti Dinar
Malaysia 75 Ringgit 40 Ringgit
Qatar 75 Qatari Rial 40 Qatari Rial
Saudi Arabia 75 Saudi Rial 40 Saudi Rial
Sweden 175 Swedish Krone 100 Swedish Krone
Turkey 60 Lira 30 Lira
United Arab Emirates 75 Dirham 40 Dirham
United Kingdom 20 Pounds 10 Pounds
United States of America 25 US Dollars 15 US Dollars
Countries where it is EURO 20 Euro 10 Euro

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Temporary Members

Current Temporary Members

To join HAQ as a Registered Member,please download Form, fill each and every column carefully, and send us at haq@haq-ngo.org. Please submit the fees through easy-paisa, U-paisa or Mobicash

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