Message from Executive Director

I found myself  in a fix when a discussion among friends fruited into a pulse to move further against Riba, rather than only paying the lip service. I saw no other way forward or to digress from the dear Islamic Ideology. The sub-systems of Islam, other than a contemporary pulse which too is being seen much through secular glasses, are all but a shadow of their actual form. The circumstances are really dire for the one who feels and can do. We are supposed to move if Islam is to exist out of The Holy Quran and The Prophetic traditions. Yes, we must move or wait for the chosen people of The Almighty to arm the seemingly dying systems of Islam, and expect for ourselves at least some portion of Allah’s wrath.

Humanity Advance Through Qarz-e-Hasana is a humble effort to please The Lord by fighting against Riba and warding off the Riba manipulated theft of the poor class’s income, alongside preaching the Quranic message “Allah hath blighted usury and made alms giving fruitful”. The pulse is there which, somehow, has already been translated into actions and the strides are gradually picking pace. Allah only can answer the appeal for success, and it is He whose pleasure we seek.