Humanity Advancement through Qarz-e-Hasana (HAQ) is the result of a sympathetic pulse for the deprived segments of the society, and by “deprived” we mean not only the less privileged or the poor but also those who are (sometimes) under-provided even in their prosperous and affluent life.

We aim at working on the fronts of helping people in any walk of life through Islamic mode of micro financing. Islamic Micro-financing efforts of HAQ would be signified by a range of different shariah compliant products, like Morabaha, Musharkah, Modarbah, Istisna, Salam, etc. Moreover, imparting of Qarz e Hasana to the deprive would be one of the key objectives of HAQ. Our team comprised by the founding members, with the grace of Allah, is very passionate as well as very well informed of contemporary Islamic micro financing practices.

The idea was generated about two years back in 2012 when a group of passionate, kind hearted and sound professionals from different national and international organizations of diverse nature, decided to contribute for the society. In the past, this team remained professional colleagues and/ or class-fellows in different institutions and organizations.

The project was formally started on March 23, 2014 by launching our facebook page (Humanity Advancement through Qarz e Hasana), followed by the Twitter account (@qarzehasana), in the very next month. While the executive body has kindly agreed to work voluntarily for this project, in addition to the member of board of governors who are honorable enough to appropriate the ranks in honorary capacity.